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Declutter to sell se18 property

Why and How To Declutter

Almost every article, blog post or book ever written on selling your home has at least some mention of decluttering, so much so that it is almost a cliché. It is however an important part of preparing your home to sell.

Consider this:

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  • Clutter makes the room look smaller
  • It gives the impression of a poorly looked after property
  • It reflects poorly on the storage of the property – if you don’t have enough room for your things where will your buyer keep theirs?
  • Personal items can make buyers feel uncomfortable looking around – emotion is a large part of buying a property so this will clearly hinder sales
  • Most buyers cannot see past clutter, so the potential of the home is lost on them

Fear not by categorising each item into the categories below you will be sorted out in no time.


If it is not coming with you when you move, get rid of it now. Be as ruthless as you can here, it will save you time in the long run. If necessary hire a skip.

Don’t forget to separate any items that are worth donating to any of the local charity shops. The British Heart Foundation offer a free furniture collection service which could save you having to hire a van whilst helping a great cause


If you won’t need to use it before you move then put it in to storage. Either pack it away, perhaps in a friends garage or if necessary self storage doesn’t cost the earth. Why not try Shurgard in Plumstead?

Essential Items

Once you have sorted out the above two categories everything left should come under essential items. The good news is that the extra room you will have now created should leave you with plenty of space in cupboards to store everything that remains.

Whilst this might sound like a lot of work it will not only save time and stress when moving but will enable buyers to see the potential of your home.

Finally if you are still struggling for room space saver like vacuum bags can really help with clothing and bulky bedding.


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