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How Often Do You Hear From Your Estate Agent?

When you instruct an agent to sell your home you are placing them in a position of trust. For most people the most expensive thing they will ever own is their home, yet it is so much more than just an asset.

When the time comes to sell you need to be sure that not only can you trust your agent to work hard on your behalf, to achieve your goals whether that image-1be a quick sale so you don’t miss out on your dream home or if you are downsizing and achieving the highest possible price will have an effect on your retirement plans, or somewhere in between. Trust is built through communication, which is why I am always surprised when I am told people haven’t heard from their agent for several weeks, they don’t know what’s going on, so here are my 4 top tips when it comes to communication with your estate agent:

1. Take the time to sit down with your agent right at the beginning, advice can vary dependent on your goals. When taking on the responsibility of selling your home it is vital that your agent REALLY understands what it is YOU are hoping to achieve, not just what suits them best. Once you have made your position clear be sure they understand what is most important to YOU. Any communication going forward will be that much easier if you are both singing from the same song sheet from the beginning.

2. Agree a communication schedule from the outset. When the market is slower and nothing much has happened since you last spoke to report, it can be all too easy for your agent to go quiet. This will lead you to question whether or not they are doing anything to sell your home and lead to a breakdown in trust. By simply agreeing a schedule at the beginning this can be avoided, and any minor issues can be prevented from turning into major ones.

3. Stay positive! If your home hasn’t received the interest you had hoped for, directing your anger at the agent will make it more difficult to have a constructive conversation about what can be done to rectify the situation. Remember you both want the same outcome – the successful sale of your home!

4. Take advice! Similar to the above point, if you ask for advice (good idea!) but then ignore it, further communication about any issues will be all the more difficult if your agent doesn’t feel that you will be receptive to further advice.

Finally, contrary to popular belief estate agents are human too! We are here to help you achieve your aims, so remembering that we are in this together and approaching communication from this angle will lead to much more productive conversations going forward.

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