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Why Moving Your Car Could Help To Sell Your Home

Selling a home is, as I often point out, as much about selling a lifestyle as it is selling the for sale se18

Whether you have already found the home you are moving to or are still looking, what is it that you are looking forward to most? I bet it’s not having four walls and a roof over your head, after all the home you are selling already has that.

Most people when moving aspire to a better way of life, in fact how often do people use moving to make positive changes to their life? Healthy eating, joining the gym? I often hear people talking about the changes they are making once they have moved.

It’s not all about fitness however, people are looking for a more aspirational lifestyle and that is what they want to see when viewing your home with a view to buying. Considering this does your 1992 Vauxhall Nova really portray that lifestyle?

My suggestion? Park your car elsewhere when photographs or viewings are due to take place, it could make all the difference.