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Great Photos Sell Great Homes

A man called me today as he was thinking of listing his 3 bed Plumstead home for sale. He has recently retired and previously had his home up for sale at a reasonable amount considering the market but the property had failed to attract many viewings and so the offers he received were less than he had expected.

Curious as to why the viewings had been so low when considering the lack of properties on the market and the increased interest in the area I asked him if he would mind sharing the photos used to market the property previously and this is what I found:Sell my home se18, se28, se2

  • On the outdoor shot of the front of the property the wheelie bin was left in the middle of the driveway attracting the eye from the well painted facade and flower beds.
  • In no less than 3 of the pictures the reflection of the photographer could be seen, again distracting.
  • The lighting throughout the property was poor making the house look dingy, even though it is in fact a rather nice bright property.
  • In the bedroom the curtains hadn’t even been drawn.

With well over 90% of property searches being started online it is essential that the photos really do your property justice, paying for a professional photographer is ideal but at the minimum you should ensure that your agent takes high quality photos. As a quick guide photos should:

  • Be taken at the right time of the day, in good light with all lights and lamps turned on to give a bright, warm homely feel.
  • Be in date – no snow for outside shots in August!
  • Contain lifestyle images, some glasses and a bottle of wine or a well laid bistro table for instance.
  • Be plentiful – While I wouldn’t recommend more than 12 to 15 images for a the standard listing, offering an additional 10 pictures on a website specific to your property can be a good incentive to take buyers away from Zoopla or Rightmove where your property is one of many to somewhere that yours is the only one.

If you are not happy with the photos don’t be afraid to ask your agent to return to re-take them, if the weather is poor on the day the photos are taken then the outside shots should be re-done by the agent as a matter of course if you are receiving a good service.

If you would like a second opinion on the photos being used to market your property in SE18, SE2, SE28 or nearby please feel free to send the link through where either myself or Rebecca will be more than happy to take a look.

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