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How Should You Decorate Your Rental Property?

One of the questions new property investors ask most often is how to decorate a property so that it quickly attracts good tenants. Fortunately, generally speaking it’s best to keep it simple….


I find that white or a light grey usually does the trick, remember that while to you it is an investment, for your tenant it will be home and so neutral colours and shades work best to help tenants envisage it as their new home.

Tip: Make sure you use the appropriate water resistant paint for bathrooms!

If you do decide to have a feature wall then nothing too wild please! A different shade can add something to the room that most can appreciate however that bright floral pattern is definitely a matter if taste and could put some off!


This will to a degree depend on the type of tenant that you are trying to attract but you can’t go too far wrong if you laminate the areas most likely to wear, such as hallways and kitchens.

Hard wearing carpet works best in living areas, ensuring that you choose a colour that won’t show every stain or spillage.

Finishing Touches

Adding a shower over the bath can really add to a property’s desirability as many people do prefer the option of a quick shower, particularly in the mornings. Fortunately this is usually simple and relatively cheap to do.

Ensuring that the kitchen is up to standard can help in attracting the best tenants. This doesn’t need to be a full refurb but simply new doors on the units, and if necessary a new work surface, can really make all the difference.

The most important thing throughout is to put your own tastes completely to one side and remember that it’s about what will appeal to your target tenants.

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