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Sell Your Home Like A Pro…. Top Sellers Tips

Is Summer A Good Time To Sell In SE18?

One of the questions asked most in property is “When is the best time of year to sell my home?”, and of course the answer can vary depending on your own personal circumstances and reasons for selling. If you’ve just

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Will Your Home Valuation Cost You £31,960?

A recent Which? report into estate agency confirmed something I have warned about in the past, overvaluing of your property by your Estate agent will often cost you money, time and will damage your prospects of a successful sale. During

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How Often Do You Hear From Your Estate Agent?

When you instruct an agent to sell your home you are placing them in a position of trust. For most people the most expensive thing they will ever own is their home, yet it is so much more than just

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3 Reasons Not To Drop Your Price And What To Do Instead – Sell Your Home In Plumstead or Woolwich SE18

Selling your home can be one of the most stressful times but what do you do if it’s taking too long? Often the first thing people think of doing when their home hasn’t sold and is not generating the interest

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Why Moving Your Car Could Help To Sell Your Home

Selling a home is, as I often point out, as much about selling a lifestyle as it is selling the property. Whether you have already found the home you are moving to or are still looking, what is it that you

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Great Photos Sell Great Homes

A man called me today as he was thinking of listing his 3 bed Plumstead home for sale. He has recently retired and previously had his home up for sale at a reasonable amount considering the market but the property

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Declutter to sell se18 property

Why and How To Declutter

Almost every article, blog post or book ever written on selling your home has at least some mention of decluttering, so much so that it is almost a cliché. It is however an important part of preparing your home to

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