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3 Reasons Not To Drop Your Price And What To Do Instead – Sell Your Home In Plumstead or Woolwich SE18

Selling your home can be one of the most stressful times but what do you do if it’s taking too long?

Often the first thing people think of doing when their home hasn’t sold and is not generating the interest that they would like is to drop the price, surely that will bring in the interest won’t it?

Here are a quick 3 reasons not to:

  1. It is a slippery slope, when you have dropped the price once and you still don’t get that sale you are looking for then you will be tempted to do it again… Where is this going to end up?
  2. It signals to potential buyers that you are struggling to sell, inviting low offers meaning you will sell for even less.
  3. It can signal to buyers that there is something wrong with your home… I often advise people on their purchases and on many occasions I have pointed out a perfectly decent looking property which matches their specifications and they have told me that they had already spotted it but as the price had dropped a couple of times assumed that there was something wrong with it.

What you should do instead?

Selling Property In SE18This does vary dependant on your property and particular circumstances, however the 2 most common reasons for homes not selling are poor marketing and the appearance of the property.

Improving the appearance of the property in the vast majority of cases isn’t expensive and is much less than the initial drop in price most sellers make. I would recommend getting started by downloading our free eBook here which covers in depth preparing your home to sell. If you find you don’t have the time or can’t remain impartial enough then I recommend bringing in the services of a homestager. For only a few hundred pounds (much less than the thousands a first drop in price will be) you can get professional advice and action steps on making your home more saleable, suitable to both your budget and the impact it should have on the sale price.


Look at your current online listings, do they really showcase how great your home is? What is the standard of the photographs? Does the write up really grip you or is it a bland list of facts about the property?

If you would like some more help or advice send me through a link to your listings, I would be more than happy to give a second opinion on your marketing, and if you wish a recommended outline marketing plan

I can also help if you are thinking of bringing in a homestager so get in touch! Let’s get you moving!