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Monthly Archives: July 2016

How Affordable Is Property In SE18?

posted by: Rebecca in Plumstead, Woolwich

After last weeks article where we discussed the £9835 advantage first time buyers have over landlords I was asked by someone thinking of buying in the area whether or not it was too late for them to get on the

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First Time Buyers in Plumstead and Woolwich have a £9835 Advantage Over Landlords

There are legions of first time buyers in SE18 looking for an opportunity to get on the housing ladder, what many might not realise though is that since April they have had a 3% advantage over landlords also looking to

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Why Moving Your Car Could Help To Sell Your Home

Selling a home is, as I often point out, as much about selling a lifestyle as it is selling the property. Whether you have already found the home you are moving to or are still looking, what is it that you

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Woolwich – More Than Just A Crossrail Town

posted by: Paul in Property News, Woolwich

Those of you who have read this blog for a while or who have met me to discuss property in SE18 will have heard me say that Woolwich is about much more than just Crossrail on many occasions. Consistently tipped

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Great Photos Sell Great Homes

A man called me today as he was thinking of listing his 3 bed Plumstead home for sale. He has recently retired and previously had his home up for sale at a reasonable amount considering the market but the property

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